Friday, 14 June 2019

Jumalainen Näytelmä - Ja Maa Oli Hiljaa 7" 1987

Jumalainen Näytelmä means "The Divine Comedy" as in Aligheris masterpiece. I know nothing of this Finnish band except they also made an album (which I haven't heard). This is great post punk with pop leanings.



  1. Thanks for this; you're the only other human I know who's heard of JN. What I remember of the album was a kind-of crooked U2-sound. I can hear some of that now in the a-side. Never knew what the name meant until your post.

    1. Crooked U2 sounds great! Will buy the album - will post it here in the future. To call me "human" seems to stretch the concept a bit too much, but OK.